Disciplinary Rules

  1. Apply within 6 days after the announcement of results. Forms will not be accepted after the date notified. Irregular Students will not be allowed to appear in internal as well as university examination.

2. Every student is expected to follow the disciplinary rules of the college. Violation of the rules will lead to strict action.

3. It is compulsory to appear in the internal tests conducted by the college. In case of illness the parents/guardian shall inform the college in writing along with medical certificate, within three days from the commencement of examination.

4. 75 % is very essential for appearing for university examination, failing which the term of the student will be cancelled. Attendance will be marked in every period and a student who remains absent in one period will lose the whole day’s attendance. If a student remains absent due to illness, he /she will have to submit a written application along with a medical certificate.

5. Student who remain absent in the internal tests will not be eligible for appearing at the university exam. The examination forms of those students who fail in 50% or more subjects in the internal assessment will be withdrawn.

6. Fees must be paid on the dates announced and at the specified time. Otherwise admission will be cancelled automatically.

7. As per the rules of the university, every student has the responsibility to submit examination forms and fees in time and the college, under any circumstances, will not accept late forms and fees.

8. Students should procure their identity cards and renew them after each term. No student will be allowed to enter the campus or attend lectures without identity card. If card is lost, a duplicate card can be obtained from the college library by paying prescribed fee.

9. Subject once chosen cannot be changed.

10. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students who misbehave with the college staff or cause damage to college property.

11. Bringing outsider in the college campus is punishable.

12. Any instruction from the college and teachers should be obeyed by student. Strict action will be taken if anyone is found dishonoring such instructions.

13. The admission of student who bunk lectures and move about in the campus will be cancelled. Irresponsible students will not be admitted to the second term.

14. Admission obtained providing wrong, unclear and incomplete information will be cancelled.

15. Vehicles should be parked at the parking zone. Nobody will be allowed to park vehicles in the campus after college timing. Do not park vehicles outside the campus.

16. Smoking and pan masala chewing are strictly prohibited in the campus. Those who spit pan or mava masala will be punished.

17. Strict action will be taken against students who do not keep mobile phones switched off in the class room and on the lobby.

18. Ragging is a criminal offence. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the college authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his/her explanation is not found satisfactory, the college authority would expel him/her from the college.

19. CCTV Camera survivallence in the campus.

20. Heli-pad facility available in the huge ground.

21. Mobile Phone prohibited in the college campus.

22. Follow the campus prospectus compulsory.

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